Kirsty Linnett and Becky Jane have both openly criticised Liverpool, mentioning an absence of care or consideration over the treatment of its women players after agreement provides to the

pair were pulled back by the club without them being informed. Linnett and Jane will both leave Liverpool this summer as an outcome of their respective current contracts expiring, but the issue is with how the club has badly dealt with the scenario. Becky Jane also had a contract offer pulled back without being told|Lewis Storey/Getty Images Linnett described that her agent had actually only been notified that a contract deal was no longer on the table when he contacted the women’s team basic supervisor to move the process forward. She implicated the club of lacking’manners and morals’in their method to female players.” After 3 years at Liverpool my time has actually unfortunately pertained to an end, “a plainly disappointed and pull down Linnett published on Twitter.

“data-id=”_ boe06xv1h” >”It would have been great if someone from the club had the decency to inform me that they were retracting the contract deal

they had actually previously sent my agent. My time at Liverpool has actually come to an end …

satisfying the moment they knew they wished to let me go. Instead of calling my agent, informing him and then asking him to decide whether to tell me or the club call me. “It’s also stated this situation was just brought to light after my agent had actually emailed the GM to advance the settlements.

“Football is football, however where does it stop? I’ve not difficult feelings with being let go, it’s part of the game. What upsets me is the club campaigns for mental health yet treat their own gamers with such little regard and respect. I’m not the only one who’s seemed like this either.

“Let’s hope clubs can do much better by their gamers throughout these difficult times and show more take care of the people involved as manners and morals expense absolutely nothing.”

Kirsty LinnettKirsty Linnett
Linnett has actually prompted Liverpool to treat its female gamers with more care |

Matthew Ashton-AMA/Getty Images Jane, who joined Liverpool from Reading in 2019, had a comparable experience over her agreement.”Unfortunately, similar to Kirsty Linnett, the club have actually retracted my contract offer in a similar way,”she discussed on Twitter.”As female footballers with absolutely no security as it is; the least we deserve is to be dealt with much better and with regard. It takes absolutely nothing to be kind.” Liverpool, who were back-to-back WSL champions in 2013 and 2014, have been greatly criticised for a viewed lack of adequate support for their females’s team in the last few years, especially when the ladies were not part of the relocate to a new state of the art training center in November.

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