The Italian press have become much more persuaded and delighted by the prospect of Paul Pogba returning to Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo travelling in the other direction.

Pogba has resurfaced as Juventus’ primary summer transfer target under new coach Max Allegri.

‘While Paul Pogba remains the ideal, the objective is a player with such traits,’ Corriere dello Sport reports.

Mario Scalcerte of concurs, stating, ‘I believe Allegri would make a rapid swap between Pogba and Ronaldo with United.’

Gazzetta dello Sport has drawn comparisons to Pogba’s summer 2016 departure from Juventus for United.

‘Summer 2021… may replicate the dynamics of 2016. Pogba decided on his future in the midst of the summer, between July and August, with his agent Mino Raiola.

‘Pogba now seems to be in United’s closing credits.’

Ronaldo, according to Gazzetta, will also wait until the end of the Euros before making his move.

‘For the time being, [he] is focused on defending the European Championship in a Portugal jersey. He, like Pogba in 2016, will decide on his career afterwards.’

Meanwhile, Tuttosport has restricted Ronaldo’s choices to a Pogba exchange or a Mauro Icardi trade with PSG.

There seems to be a widespread conviction among the Bel Paese media that Ronaldo is ready to depart. Rumours that he has already transported part or all of his luxury automobile collection out of Italy and that he has withdrawn from the newest Jeep Compass 4xe Plug In Hybrid campaign are typical of the kind of narrative that circulates regularly.

The widespread consensus in Italy seems to be that Ronaldo will most likely join United or PSG. Allegri would not obstruct him. Juventus will exhale a sigh of relief once his salaries are no longer payable.

Concerning Pogba, the tone is one of optimism and conjecture at the moment, rather than anything solid.


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