The Manchester United player believes that his success off the field benefits his charitable efforts and vice versa.

Marcus Rashford went to social media to respond to criticism over his personal endorsements, questioning why people look for an ulterior purpose in charitable efforts.

Rashford was awarded an MBE for his humanitarian activities over the past year and a half, which included feeding youngsters in need. Rashford is one of the most recognized sportsmen in England as a result of that and his career with Manchester United and the national team, and he believes he should not be chastised for utilizing that notoriety to benefit himself and his community.

His remarks were made in advance of a major article on him in The Spectator.

“Just heard @spectator are planning to run a story on me tomorrow about how I have benefitted commercially in the last 18 months,” Rashford tweeted. “To be clear, I am not required to work with brands. I collaborate because I want to further the work I do off the field, and the majority of whatever money I get goes toward that goal.

“Last summer, 1.3 million children received food assistance; as a result of my relationship with Burberry, children now have a safe place to go after school where they will be fed; as a result of the November investment, vulnerable children now have safe places to go during the summer vacation; and as a result of my relationship with Macmillan, 80,000 children now have their own book.

“Do my business prospects improve as a result of the U-turns? I’m certain. However, I am a player for Manchester United and the England national team. Why is it that there must always be a reason? Why are we unable to just do the correct thing?”

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is presently out with a shoulder issue, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stating that it is yet unknown if Rashford would need surgery this summer.

Rashford just concluded his England Euro 2020 campaign, in which he was one of three Three Lions players to miss a penalty in the final shootout defeat to Italy.

Rashford was exposed to racial abuse in the hours that followed, including the vandalization of a mural honoring his community efforts.

Rashford, on the other hand, expressed appreciation to fans who went to his mural in the aftermath to offer words of love and encouragement, saying he was “overwhelmed” by their support.


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