Arsene Wenger is” all set to take that gamble”by trying to push through prepare for the World Cup

to be staged every two years. Wenger, now FIFA’s chief of international football development, is the token of a move to change the game’s calendar, with the Frenchman seeking influential support however also experiencing severe opposition to the job.

The famous Arsenal manager has proposed the World Cup is held every two years which there are less international breaks throughout the year.

While FIFA declares most of advocates favour holding the competition more often, the plans have actually been highly criticised by other governing bodies.

CONMEBOL, which represents South American federations, argued a change “might distort the most essential football competition on earth”.

European football governing body UEFA, meanwhile, worries players burning out– among a variety of other unfavorable elements– should the proposals get the go ahead.

Nevertheless, Wenger is not pulling back and thinks his idea will only enhance the sport in the long term.

“The risk is to make football better, and I’m all set to take that gamble,” he informed BBC Sport.

“The international match calendar is repaired until 2024. Up until then, nothing can alter. I’ve been directed by a few concepts to propose a plan to improve the international calendar.

“The first one is to make football better all over the world. The second one is to have a more modern-day method and more basic way to organise the calendar.

“Therefore, I want to lower the variety of qualifiers and to regroup the certifying durations.”

Wenger, who left Arsenal in 2018 after 22 years at the club, insisted he would have backed the plans even had he still been a club manager.

“I ‘d concur with what I propose due to the fact that I think for the club it’s much better,” he stated. “There’s no interference during the season. I suffered a lot from disturbance throughout the season.

“It’s not about me, it has to do with the proposal to make football much better, clearer, more easy and more meaningful to the world.

“I am convinced that the clubs gain in it because they can focus totally, they have their players readily available for the entire season and the nationwide groups benefit from it too.

“There’s no increase of number of video games, there’s a better rest period, less taking a trip and more quality competition. That’s why I believe this project is really defendable.

“Yesterday I remained in a very long conference with [players union] FIFPRO, we speak with everyone. We are mindful that we require to talk with everyone.

“I think I’ve encouraged FIFPRO that in my programme the players were my very first concern.”

Wenger also turned down the argument that the World Cup will be devalued by being held every two years.

“The World Cup’s such a big event that I do not believe it will reduce the eminence,” he stated. “You wish to be the very best in the world, and you want to be the best in the world every year.

“I’m not on an ego journey. I’ve been asked to help to shape the calendar of tomorrow, I seek advice from the entire world.”


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