Chelsea director Petr Cech has confessed that the club is being run on a day-to-day basis amid fears that the Blues could run out of money to complete the season.

Sanctions on owner Roman Abramovich have seen sponsors put their investments on hold, while limits to ticket sales and matchday spending have seen some suggest that Chelsea may fail to pay their players and perhaps run out of cash before the season comes to a close.

Talks remain on with the UK government to try and give Chelsea a little more flexibility and distance from Abramovich himself, but Cech has confessed that the situation still remains unclear.

“It’s been devastating to watch what’s happening in Ukraine and our thoughts are with the victims of the situation. I hope people will stop suffering,” Cech told Sky Sports.

“When you compare to what’s been happening here, it’s a difficult situation. We have many questions, we don’t have many answers but we are determined to concentrate on things we can control. We are going day by day to try and finish the season.”

On the concerns over paying staff and players, Cech stressed: “We hope the situation will be clearer soon. We hope people working for the club will be able to get their salaries and to live their lives and work.

“This is a difficult question for me to answer because I don’t have the answers. I don’t know what the lessons will be like in days. Without answers, it’s difficult to plan.”

Finally, Cech also confirmed that he does not expect to lose manager Thomas Tuchel. The German has repeatedly pledged his commitment to the club and that sentiment was echoed by Cech.

“Thomas has a contract until 2024, as it stands we’ve been told that the contract will be valued,” he said. “We hope we will have him as a coach because he’s been brilliant on every level.

“But tomorrow the situation can change and my answer will be irrelevant.”