Thomas Tuchel will get his Chelsea side to France for their Champions League clash on Wednesday by any means necessary.

The Blues take on Lille in the second leg of their last 16 clash with a 2-0 advantage from the first game at Stamford Bridge.

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But Chelsea have been rocked since that first leg by the sanctions imposed by the UK government on Roman Abramovich.

The club have been granted a licence to continue playing this season but with limits on how much they can spend on travel to away matches.

Tuchel says the club have sorted a plane for the return journey, but also says he would “drive the seven-seater” if necessary.

“My last information is that we have a plane, that we can go by plane and come back by plane,” Tuchel said after after his side’s 1-0 win against Newcastle.

“If not we go by train, if not we go by bus – if not, I’ll drive a seven-seater! And I will do. Mark my words I will do; I will arrive there.

“If you’d asked me 20 or 30 years ago if I would join a Champions League match at the sideline and what I was willing to do I would have said, ‘OK, when do I have to be where?’

“And why should this change? I will be there, we will be there.

“Of course, organisation-wise, there are some negotiations going on and some talks, but it does not influence me.

“We have brilliant guys who organise the travel, and in every department we have such committed people that for the moment things feel normal.

“I think practically things have changed more for the guys who for example organised the journey to Lille, because they had to figure out how we arrive there.

“But in the end I get the information so for me personally when I come to the building, actually nothing has changed so far.

“We do our meetings, we prepare training, we talk to doctors, fitness department, talk to the players and do the best training possible.

“And we demand it, from everybody, because this is what makes Chelsea special, and Chelsea a top club.”

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