Having spent his whole childhood living in Spanish-speaking nations Argentina and Spain, it is reasonable to conclude that Messi does not speak English. However, he is still learning.
For many years, only Messi’s close friends and family knew about his English skill.
But now the Barcelona icon has officially displayed his English language talents.

“I’ve been learning English for a year and a half,” Lionel Messi told journalist Guillem Balague in August this year.

“I understand it but I don’t speak it.”

The Barcelona striker may be able to grasp a few English words, but Messi is reputed to be proficient in just Spanish and Catalan.

Non-English players frequently acquire the language after playing for a club where English is the prevalent language. Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, became proficient in English playing for Manchester United before he went for Real Madrid and still has a great understanding of the language.

Ronaldo also joked about serving as interpreter for both Messi and Neymar, neither of whom speak English, during the 2016 Ballon d’Or event.